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Dubai is clearly suffering from gigantomania. It is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa, the incredible Palm Island artificial archipelago, the largest shopping center in the world. Dubai definitely surprises tourists with the scale of luxury, because there are so many expensive cars, villas, palaces and “seven-star” hotels. So let’s find out the most marvelous sights of Dubai.

Bastakiya District is a historic district of Dubai. Unlike modern quarters, Bastakia has retained its traditional Arabic flavor. The area is built up with typical stone houses, decorated with wood and plaster. There are souvenir shops, cafes and antique shops on the ground floors of the buildings.

Jumeirah Beach Park is a veritable oasis in the middle of the desert, crafted by the skillful hands of landscape designers. The beach is equipped with walking areas, gazebos, benches and playgrounds. Only women and children can visit Jumeirah Beach Park on Saturdays, the rest of the time the place works as a regular tourist beach.

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The capacity of the giant aquarium in the Dubai Mall is 10 million liters. It has enough space for 33 thousand marine inhabitants, 140 different species in total. Visitors can observe the life of fish, coral reef inhabitants, sharks and other large marine predators. A transparent tunnel 155 meters in length is laid through the aquarium.

Many tourists describe the Lost Chambers as an even more impressive aquarium than the one located in the Dubai Mall, although it is smaller. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is located on the lower level of the Atlantis Hotel. The design of the oceanarium imitates an old sunken city.

Dolphin Bay is considered one of the finest and most modern dolphinariums in the world. There are swimming pools, numerous attractions, diving and many more interesting activities. Children are delighted with visiting the dolphinarium, so it can be considered the best place to relax with the whole family.

Gold Souk is a huge bazaar selling gold jewelry and other items made of precious metals. Its range is so wide that it surpasses all other similar markets in the East. Here you can buy products with all types of precious stones made of gold of various colors and finishes. It is customary to bargain on the market, sometimes the initial cost can be reduced by 30-50%.

The Dubai Spice Souk most resembles a traditional Arab bazaar with breathtaking smells, vibrant colors and constant hustle and bustle. It sells tons of different spices and herbs to suit any dish from any cuisine in the world. Sellers are always ready to tell you about their product. They suggest how to use certain spices and, of course, are happy to bargain with the buyer.

Sheikh Said House-Palace houses a museum and a library. The exposition tells the story of various periods in the history of the Emirate, including pearl mining and the beginning of the oil era. Many exhibits are dedicated to the life of the Bedouins.

Jumeirah Mosque is stylized in the architectural style of the Fatimid era. Since its construction, it has been considered one of the most picturesque in the UAE. Unlike many Muslim temples in the Middle East, a representative of another religion can enter Jumeirah to inspect the rich decoration of the building.

Dubai Desert Reserve is a conservation area that covers 5% of the area of Dubai. There are animals that are on the verge of extinction on its territory. Excursions are organized around the reserve – jeep safaris, during which you can watch the animals.

Park of Flowers is a magnificent and colorful oasis of flowers in the middle of a modern metropolis. 45 species of flowering plants of the most amazing color grow on its territory, which merges into an incredible variegated picture.

Zabeel Park is located close to the center of Dubai. There are artificial lakes where you can go boating, fountains, children’s playgrounds, equipped picnic areas and jogging tracks. So wonderful Dubai is waiting for you, where the endless deserts coexist with incredible skyscrapers, you will never get bored!

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