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The year is ending, and 2019 has been a great year for startups. With at least a half of tech, food, buy and sell startups starting in their homes this year, it’s becoming a trend for entrepreneurial individuals to delve in and get their hands dirty without financial backing. Over 51% of interviewed startup CEO’s agree that the best way to learn about business is to start your own.

While the tech industry is making some pretty prominent waves in terms of startup numbers, the one to look out for is the food industry. More and more people are using social media and realizing its networking power to streamline business visibility. For budding entrepreneurs though, it’s important to know what are the trends to improve upon your business.

It’s one thing to be in the know, but it’s a whole new world when you can apply firsthand the wisdom of that knowledge. So, to make sure that not only you’re in the privy to these trends but you also know how to apply them, it’s imperative that you take notes, and do trial and error testing. It’s the only way to know if the trend is right for you and your business.

Artificial Intelligence

If you’re an app developer, the best thing that you can incorporate in your apps right now is artificial intelligence. There’s a barrage of practical implementations to artificial intelligence – filters, voice recognition, ad tracking, even learning your customers’ spending habits. Make your app more streamlined, more usable for users to use it daily.

Downloads don’t define the app’s viability, so as a company, you need to make sure that the down-loaders are using it. How will you manage that? Integrate better uses, bump up your features. For example, if you have a writing app, think of the ways you can better it – incorporate a word count tool that can be used across the board is one.

Personalized Experience

One of the more advanced development trends in startups nowadays is personalizing each user’s experience. This was heavily inspired by shopping apps, which makes the shopping of their user’s individual to their tastes. Across the board features that apply to anyone won’t cut it anymore. Users want more than just the typical experience, so you need to keep up.

How do you integrate the personalized experience to your users, you may ask? Start by knowing them. You can’t just throw new features out there without properly researching their viability. This is where your research team should do their part – if you have one. But if you don’t, studying what the trends are in your demographic should be a start.

Live Interactions

There’s no denying it. It’s the era of life. Consumers want to interact with their communities in a way that’s urgent and accessible. Social media may be to blame about this trend, but it’s been a trend with gaming platforms, specifically gamers for a while. So, if your app or the experience you are peddling is an online game, going live is the way to go.

Remember though, going the social media and live route won’t be the be-all and end-all of things. Nothing beats out in-person socialization, so if you have the means to do it, staging a mini meet-up or a mini-convention will be beneficial for your marketing. Make it a thing on social media and follow through with the main event, so that your network becomes bigger.


Development trends are there because of changes in how users consume content. But bear in mind as well that trends can be just that sometimes – trends. While it’s savvy to make great moves towards it, ensuring its viability and eventual integration in your business should be the first line of business. It’s always a balance, so look out for what’s a yes and turn down the no.

Kishan Rana

Kishan Rana is a SEO Consultant and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years of experience in SEO. He loves Blogging Very Much.

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