The Guide to Custom Labels on Wholesale Clothing

A label is such a small item but an essential part of clothing. There’s a lot to know about it if you’re thinking of relabeling wholesale blank clothes with your custom tag. It’s not as simple as removing the current one and putting your own on, especially if you’re starting with the process. Keep reading for more tips and information about putting custom labels on blank wholesale clothing.

Buy clothing with tear-away tags

Numerous companies sell wholesale blank clothing, like the Bella + Canvas wholesale zip-up hoodies. In addition, several of the businesses offer apparel with tear-away tags, so it’s easy for retailers to remove the current ones on the products they’re purchasing and replace them with their custom tags. Therefore, it can be a much easier option than carefully removing tags that don’t have the tear-away feature.

Use the same label design on all the blank wholesale clothing

If you put custom labels on all the blank wholesale clothes, make it consistent across all the pieces. Use the same design on each tag so it’s the same from one clothing item to the next, and there’s no mistaking its origin. 

Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to make the labels. If you do not try to create the labels yourself, many businesses will do them for you. Considering they’re experts in what they do, they can also answer any questions about tag size, font, formatting, or other concerns. If you want to order the tags, plan to have them done as far as possible from when you’ll need them, so you’re not waiting for them at the last minute. 

Protect your logo and designs

One of the most important things you can do is guarantee that your logo and designs are legally protected. You want to ensure your custom logo is strictly yours and that there’s no way it could be associated with another brand or business. So before you put the tags on any clothing, settle the trademarking. 

Make the labels as small as possible

Consider having the labels as small as possible for aesthetic (and often comfort) purposes. Additionally, the larger the size, the more expensive they may be if you have them professionally done, especially if you’re creating a significant number of them. Smaller selections might be more affordable.

Decide where you put to put the clothing label

You can put a custom label on the wholesale blank clothing in many places. The neck is popular, but consider several areas. For example, two alternatives include the inner side seam or the inside by the bottom hem.

Remove the labels properly

If the wholesale blank clothing you’re relabeling doesn’t have tear-away tags, then you’ll have to remove them–if possible–without damaging the apparel. You don’t want to go at a tag with scissors or a box cutter to remove it; chances are all it will accomplish is damaging the clothing you paid good money for. Suppose you want to do it yourself, depending on the types of tags, their structure, and the clothing material. Then, it may be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’re planning on doing it for many articles of clothing. Having it done professionally might be costly yet effective, and the prices can vary between businesses. 

Before buying wholesale blank clothing, check with the wholesaler about the type of tags on the apparel you’re considering purchasing. As a result, it can give you a good idea of how easy it would be to remove the tags should you decide to. It’s important to note that there needs to be a legal tag/label with the required info on each garment

Talk to the wholesaler before ordering blanks

If you replace the current tag on the wholesale blank clothing, you need to check you’re buying the right pieces to do it on. There may be some serious legal ramifications if you put the new tags on clothes you shouldn’t have. Also, not every piece of clothing can have its label replaced.

Call the customer service department of the wholesaler and let them know you want to remove the tags and replace them with your custom ones and ask them which clothing products would be appropriate to use. They can guide you in the right direction and tell you about their policies and legalities. 

Talk to your lawyer

Speaking of legalities, as much as you may want to replace current tags with your custom ones, it’s much better to consult your business lawyer before ordering the labels or clothing items. While relabeling wholesale blank clothing is generally considered legal, you must go about it carefully, legally, and ethically to avoid any problems. So, again, consulting with a lawyer, including telling them your plans, showing them the tags you want to use, and explaining the type of wholesale blank clothing you want to put the labels on, can be your best option. 

It may seem significantly pointless since the talk will cost you money, but it’s better to ensure you know the proper way to go about relabeling following the current laws than face legal problems you didn’t think would occur. You may even want to call the wholesaler’s customer service line while you’re in their office, so your lawyer has direct knowledge of the same information you’re getting at the same time. It also lets them ask any questions while the two of you are in the same room and on the line. 

Overall, relabeling wholesale blank clothing won’t be an issue. However, it’s a matter of going about it properly, from the logo and how you remove the tags to the clothing you use and the legal considerations. Your best option to start with is to contact your lawyer to determine what your next steps should be. 

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