Getting CRM Software to Manage Your Sales Process

Companies can utilize CRM software to ensure that their sales process is right on track. In fact no company can successfully implement their sales strategy without using a sales CRM.

There is, however, a catch. Many companies can find CRM that they can access using the internet, but not all of them will suit the companies needs.

Some Of The Common Features All CRM Will Have

There are certain features that every CRM should have. These features are listed below:

Managing Contacts

All CRM has the feature that allow you to manage your contacts. You can use this feature to improve your marketing efforts even though the CRM is designed to help you keep track of your sales effort.

Easy Access

Nowadays it is possible to access CRM through the internet. This feature allows you as well as your team to access the software from anywhere at anytime.

Managing The Pipeline

There is a function that is present in all CRM that allows you to manage your pipeline. This feature allows you view as well as add new sale opportunities. Not only that it allows you to assign weights to for each stage of the sale. Thus, you can determine which sales are in which stage and the number of sale opportunities available in the pipeline.


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Marketing Campaigns

Every good CRM allows you to not only manage the sales you make, but also allows you to both track marketing campaigns and execute them. These include email campaigns as well as campaigns on the social media.

Performing Tasks, Sending Alerts, And Reporting

Any good CRM will allow you to set automated tasks as well as send alerts for these tasks. Also the CRM will send you reports on what are the stages of each sale cycle that is present in the pipeline.

Ways A CRM Can Help Your Sales Process

There are a few ways the CRM can help you improve your sales process

Creating Process That Can Be Repeated

The basic problem in letting salesperson decide how they want to approach your prospective clients is that the number of salesperson you have will the same number of approaches you have to the sales process. Using a CRM allows you to create processes that can be repeated. By using this feature you can make sure there is some consistency in your sales process.


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Sale Process Is Properly Documented

If you rely on word of mouth as well as random documents to keep track of your sales process then you are lost. The CRM tool will help you document the whole process and thus, allow you to keep track. You can program the CRM to store the information at each stage and remind you of the activities you must do at each stage.

Reduce The Need To Enter Data By Automating It

CRM allows you to fully automate the data entry process. This not saves you time you would have spent entering data but reduces the amount of administrative work you have to do. This leaves you free to connect with prospective buyers.

Keeping Track Of Your Agents Quota Is Now Easier

There is a simple logic to the relationship between the salesperson and their quota. When the meet their quota, the inform the manager. But when they don’t meet their quota, the manager has to ask  them. If you have not placed a good tracking system, then you will not be able to record both the good and bad performances given by your salesperson. The problem created by this is two fold. First your high performing salespersons will resent the company because they are not getting recognized, while your poor performing salesperson will be isolated and thus, not get the training he/she needs to perform.  CRM is an automated process that makes it easy to track how much quota each salesperson is fulfilling.

Let Managers Track How Well Yours Salesperson Is Doing

There used to be a time when the only way managers could keep track on how well the salesperson met his quota was by asking. Needless to say that method was not very effective. The arrival of CRM has changed that. It has made it possible for managers to know how quota each salesperson is meeting without having to ask them.

You Can An Information Repository

When it comes to answering a data question the most important thing is having a source that can trusted. When you do not have a reliable source you will have to bounce the question to all departments. The problem is that you might answers that contradict each other. However, when you use a CRM, you get a reliable source. This will reduce the chances of getting two answers that contradict each other.

Customer Information Is More Easily Available

Even though the information of the customer is primarily used by the sales department, it is needed by all department of the company. When you use a CRM, you get a centralized source of customer information that any department can access. Since the information is easily accessible the support team and marketing team can easily approach the customer and be in a better position to help them.

Final Words

Using CRM is a sure  way of not only managing your sales process but also improving it, so that your business is successful.

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