5 Creative Ways to Market Your New Logo

Are you starting up a new business and want to get your logo seen by your target audience? Or perhaps you’ve been in business for years and are revamping your brand’s look? Either way, marketing your new logo is vital if you want your brand to stand out in the crowd.

But how do you go about showcasing your new logo? One popular approach is to use embroidery to place logos on clothing such as uniforms. Many companies worldwide use this idea. If you decide to use embroidery Sydney promotional companies will gladly assist you with ideas.

Let’s talk more about embroidered products and four other creative ways of marketing your new logo.

Why Logos Are So Powerful

A logo is what makes a person recognise your brand. Together with colours, slogans and other significant brand signs, the logo is your company’s unique stamp. Think of some of the most famous brands in the world. What often springs to your mind first when you think of them? Their logo, of course! Vegemite’s distinctive logo, for example, won’t leave you trying to guess who they are!

So, let’s get talking about the five creative ways you can get your brand out there and into the public’s eye. You want them to know who you are, what you do and not to forget you in a hurry.

How to Showcase Your Logo

1. Embroidered Gear and Clothing

One of the simplest but effective ways of making your logo obvious is to embroider it onto clothing. Everybody needs to wear clothes, including your employees. You could consider handing out embroidered shirts at the next company function for your guests. Or, provide your staff with embroidered uniforms. This is a highly effective way of marketing your brand, especially if your staff is engaging directly with your clientele.

You don’t need to stop at clothing. Custom embroidered towels, backpacks, cooler bags and sport bags are other ways of ensuring your logo is being seen. By using the embroidery services Sydney promotional businesses have to offer, you’ll be sure of creating a professional image for your brand.

2. Social Media

How many times have you noticed a stunning logo on Instagram or on any other social media platform? And how many times have you become a follower because the logo and the company it’s promoting resonate with you?

Now, turn that thought around and imagine it’s your company’s logo being seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of followers on social media? If you want to get recognised by the Gen Z audience (and others), then this form of marketing is powerful.

3. Public Advertisement

Promoting your brand using physical methods is still one of the most simple and creative ways of getting your logo seen. This involves using billboards, flyers, business cards and even posters strategically placed in public areas.

Advertising in places where your target audience most often goes to is a good marketing tactic. If your logo design is bright, colourful and simple, you can be sure it’ll catch everyone’s eye. The more people see it, the more they’ll want to know about the brand it represents.

4. Promotional Gifts

Don’t you love it when a company gives you a gift thanking you for your loyalty to them? Or because you’ve attended an event and they were handing out stunning pens to all attendees? You can’t help but be reminded about them every time you pick up your pen and see their logo.

Promotional hand-outs work every time, especially if you use good quality products as gifts. This is essential if you want the recipient to have fond memories of your company. Branded pens, peak caps, water bottles, diaries and power banks are just some of the items you can use to market your logo.

5. Email Campaigns

One of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways of promoting your new logo is to send out an email. An email campaign is often an effective marketing tool when it’s been strategically thought out. You’ll need to use a good emailing platform and build up your list of customers. It’s also a good idea to decide what type of campaign you want to send out.

You could simply send out a campaign introducing your new logo. But, you could also build on it and include a trendy video explaining how your logo came about. People love a good video and for many, this is how a message sticks in their minds.

Final Thoughts

Brand promoting requires strategic marketing tactics to get your name out there. The logo is considered one of the most powerful ways of promoting your business. So, make sure the design allows for instant recognition.

Being creative with your marketing doesn’t mean discarding some of the more common ways of advertising such as billboards. In fact, these forms of advertisement remain because they’re still considered most effective in promoting a brand. So, keep it simple and make sure your logo is creative. Then watch your brand grow.

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