Things to Consider Before Hiring a Content Writer for Your Business

There is a rumor in the world of marketing that content is the king. Marketers and business owners say that for a good reason. How you present your business through content can define your future. That is why you need to deliver only high-quality content if you want it to have an effect.

Unless you are a talented writer, you need a professional who will compose content that converts. Your business can be completely transformed if you find the right content writer. Before that cooperation starts, there are a few things that you should consider if you want to make it work.

Be specific in your job description

In order to find the right person for the job, you need to describe in detail what you expect from the writer.

Besides stating that you need a content writer, you should explain what type of content you want. Be specific about the writing style you need. Also, say from the very start how often does the writer need to submit his work.

A writer can apply for the job position expecting that much less work and then he can leave you hanging when he finds out the real situation.

This will eliminate unfit candidates from the very start. You won’t have to waste your time reading irrelevant resumes.

Certain Applicant Tracking Software will have a customizable job description template with career site management. You can directly use that for adding your job description on the career page.”

Find out if they know about your business

Every responsible person will do their homework before the interview and get to know the potential employer.

In the world of the internet, where everything is in the reach of your hand, there is no excuse for not knowing some basic things about the business.

Pay attention to how they respond to your emails. Ask them questions about your products. If they have done their research they’ll know all about it.

You don’t want a writer who doesn’t even care to look up the brand before he submits a job application. How will he improve your business if he doesn’t even know what you do exactly?

Ask for a portfolio

Anyone can talk the talk, but can they prove their claims? Make sure that you ask for a sample writing in addition to CV.

It can be tiring to read through all those writing samples. But, that’s the only way you can find out if they are worth hiring.

Don’t just ask for any type of writing. Ask for similar content that you desire. They may be great at writing product descriptions but terrible at creating blog posts.

Relevant samples will filter all writers that can actually deliver what you need.

In addition, run the sample through Grammarly to check their accuracy. If you want to test the content’s readability as well, Readable can do that for you.

Read reviews

Impressions from their previous employers can tell you a lot about the writers. Look for their reviews page if they have one, and get all the scoop.

You can notice if the employer was impressed with the writer or he just left the review because he needed to.

Take a look at the following two examples:

  • Good job. I’m satisfied.
  • If you want a content writer, this guy is a perfect choice. He completely transformed my webpage and risen my blog from the dead. I would hire him again in a heartbeat!

The first review also has a positive note but it is not as personal as the second one. In most cases, when the employer is really satisfied, he will write a more elaborate review.

Look for a passionate writer

Always give advantage to writers who love their job. They are more dedicated and detail-oriented.

You will recognize these candidates by the way they act during the interview. If they only answer your questions and seem uninterested, cross them off.

A passionate writer will ask additional questions and will want to know as much as he can before he starts.

Ask all candidates how they would improve your content. Those who give you valuable advice probably know what they are doing. This is your opportunity to access who fits the role and who needs to go.

Take the price into consideration

When it comes to writing, you really do get what you pay for. Don’t expect that you can pay less than $1 per hundred words and get the best quality content.

You can come across talented beginners, but you’ll have to be lucky.

It is better to pay more for someone who knows their job then to post poor content that will bring no result. Hiring a content writer is an investment that is worth every penny.

If you have the possibility, search for best writing companies and take no risk.

Ask around how much are other businesses paying their writers and base your price on that. Better have some knowledge about the usual cost so that no one can take advantage of your kindness.

Trust your instincts

The person you hire will be your new team member. For that reason, look for someone whose personality suits you.

Besides the above-mentioned criteria, you want to work with someone who you find reliable and who you like.

Even if someone has a perfect portfolio if your instinct is telling you that he is a difficult person to work with, continue your search.

No matter how often you’ll communicate with that person, you should have mutual respect.

Closing thoughts : Finding a perfect employee can seem like an impossible task. That is why these tips can help you with that challenging process.

Look for these qualities in your potential content writer. If he has proof of his excellent writing and seems like a trustworthy person, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give him a chance.

Kishan Rana

Kishan Rana is a SEO Consultant and professional Blogger. He has 5+ years of experience in SEO. He loves Blogging Very Much.

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