How is the career in hotel management and tourism?

The hospitality and tourism sector has been witnessing immense growth in recent years. With the covid-19 boosting local tourism and travel norms getting standardised, the rise of tourism has been phenomenal. Globalisation has also had its role to play in this growth thereby increasing the career prospects in the field.

The tourism and hospitality sectors are important contributors to a country’s economy and have generated revenue and employment at higher rates than other industries. With the increase in the scope of tourism and hospitality management, the opportunities in the industry are also growing every day.

Read more to discover some exciting and lucrative opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Hotel operations manager

A hotel operations manager oversees the administrative and commercial functions of a hotel and prepares strategies and plans for its effective functioning. You must look after the working of every department that falls under your hotel and ensure that it follows certain protocols. 

Marketing the business of your organization is your responsibility. So, you must coordinate with other teams to curate plans for effective marketing.

Executive chef

An executive chef is one of the highest-paid job roles in the hospitality industry. As an executive chef, you are responsible for handling the culinary activities of the restaurant you are working in. You should supervise the kitchen activities and should be actively involved in preparing the menu and budget of the restaurant.

Apart from culinary responsibilities, you must help in the recruiting process of new employees to the restaurant and be involved in training them.


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Travel manager

Becoming a travel manager is an exciting career option if you love travelling. As a travel manager, you must oversee the travel arrangements such as food, transportation, lodging, etc. of your clients. You must curate interesting and exciting travel plans for customers and coordinate with other people essential for your service.

Communicating well and maintaining positive relations with travel agencies, cab services, lodgings etc. is necessary for the smooth working of any tourism venture. 

Event manager

If you are good at organizing events, then the job role of an event manager may suit you well. An event manager understands the requirements of clients and organizations and arranges events accordingly. You must use your creativity to come up with interesting ideas that appeal to the customer and coordinate with different teams to make sure that the event is well organized and arranged.

Travel guide

Being a travel guide is an interesting and exciting opportunity. As a travel guide, your chief responsibility is to offer private or public tour guidance to tourists. For this job role, you must have adequate knowledge about tourist locations such as museums, historical sights, or other popular areas. You must be able to clear the doubts and questions of tourists about specific locations or sights.

A career in hospitality and tourism is exciting and challenging as it provides the opportunity to interact with diverse people and develop cordial relations. If you are looking for lucrative and exciting job roles, then this career path is your best pick.

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