Why You Should Book A Cottage For Your Next Vacation

Several aspects go into planning a vacation but perhaps the most crucial decision every traveler must make is where to stay during the vacation period. More often than not, accommodations play a significant role in the success of any given trip. As hotel rates skyrocket whilst offering less, more travelers are choosing cottages where they can enjoy modern comfort and conveniences in remote locations.

As one of the leading cottage marketplaces in the world, Ireland currently prides in over 7,000 cottage homes to choose from. If you find yourself undecided on whether to choose a rental cottage or a hotel, this article is for you. The following are FIVE proven reasons why you should book a cottage for your next vacation.

Privacy to relax

In hotels, you always have staff and other guests surrounding you. For that reason, it might not be easy to enjoy the holiday in quiet and peace. In Donegal Thatch Cottages, each holiday cottage is free of unwanted distractions and you can enjoy your privacy to the fullest. You can relax with comfort and tranquility because no one will interrupt you in your private room.

Rural quality character

Another essential aspect about staying in a rental cottage is the ability to live in a place with character. A holiday cottage is one of the most quaintness and cultural vacation accommodations in the world. Most cottages in Ireland offer a rural quality living, incorporating fabulous views and a picturesque atmosphere into your locale.

Freedom from routine

People go on vacations mainly to unwind and stay away from the tedious routines. But in hotels, guests have to adhere to programmed timings for such things as breakfast (if available), housekeeping, check in, and check out.

A cottage enables you to take charge of your schedule and enjoy freedom from typical routines. You’re able to take full control of your holiday however you want.

A rare opportunity to live like a local

Traveling is all about exploring a different way of life, and the best way to appreciate a different culture is to live like a local. A cottage is like a home away from home where you get a (rare) opportunity to sample local specialties, try new recipes and taste everyday life of the local people. Staying in Ireland cottages will give you a clear idea of how Irish people live and run their day-to-day activities.

The scenery

Cottages are also referred “nature weekend gateways” because they’re located in remote locations outside of the city. Often, they are found near lakes and in forests where you’re guaranteed to have nature walk just a few strides from your front door. You won’t have to drive up to the nearest nature reserve, national park or hiking area because you’ll have it right at your doorstep.

Most Ireland cottages even have waterfront access where you can fish, swim, or boat right there. You can also enjoy a campfire or cook on the grill. The scenery is more romantic and natural than staying at a hotel in a large suburb.

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Choosing a holiday cottage over a hotel is a surefire way to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy city center. You can as well save a lot of money while enjoying the benefits of your home away from home. For inquiries about Donegal Thatch Cottages, please feel free to contact us.

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