Best Time Of The Year to Move

The short and long-distance move may be expensive and stressful, though certain times of the week, month, or year are better to move. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hiring movers like Meyer Moving & Storage or conducting the move yourself; moving during such times will help you save money. This article discusses some of the best times to move. 

The Months Of November To January

During these months, moving companies charge low rates because kids are in school, and many people don’t like moving just before the holidays. You may want to avoid the summer months because that’s when most people are free to move, thus making moving costs expensive.

It would be best to move during mid-months if you want to get the lowest prices. Beginnings and ends of months are busy times for movers because most people’s lease contracts start during these periods. 

Mondays To Thursdays

It’s advisable to plan your move between Mondays and Thursdays because most people prefer moving during the weekends when they’re not at work. That way, you’ll quickly get reservations from a moving company because they’ll be few. Additionally, you’ll also get the best prices. However, this may mean taking some days off work. 


Summertime is better to move if you have kids. During summer, children are out of school and can help you to pack and load items. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about moving with them in the middle of the school calendar. Moving during this time will also enable them to adjust to their new neighborhood and home before attending their new school.

Spring And Fall

Depending on the region you want to move to, it would be best to move during spring and fall. That’s because the extreme summer temperatures may make it difficult to settle. Additionally, it may damage some of your equipment that shouldn’t be exposed to hot temperatures. 

During winter, it’s also not advisable to move. That’s because the cold temperature may affect your movement, especially if you’re taking a long road trip. You don’t want to arrive at your destination with cold-related sicknesses such as flu or pneumonia. But if you have to move during this season, ensure you have adequate clothing and protection gear to shield you and your family from this extreme temperature.

Early In The Morning

Mornings are the best times to start your journey. If you hired a moving company, ask them to arrive between 8 to 10 am. The early morning hours mean that you’ll be moving in cooler conditions, especially during warm months. It would be best to reach your destination by 2 pm when the temperatures climb to 105º to beat the heat. 

If you’re moving on your own, starting early may also be great for you because that’s when you have more energy. It’ll also enable you to arrive at your destination early and have time to unpack and settle in your new home.

Bottom Line

You can move at any time or month of the year, though some specific timeswill save you money.

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