Low Survey Response Rates? 5 Best Practices To Engage Your Survey Participants

If you’re experiencing low survey response rates, you need to figure out the best ways that you can boost your response rates—and fast! If you are using your own money, resources, and manpower to conduct surveys and you are not getting results and the answers that you’re looking for – you are simply wasting your time and resources. Find out the real information you are looking for like ideal clientele, beneficial marketing strategies, effective advertising methods, and much more by using these best practices to fix your unsuccessful surveys.

5 best practices to use to create high survey response rates and learn more about your target market!

If your target market is middle-aged women who frequently shop during the middle of the day, why are you using your surveys to only talk to men over the age of 40? By finding out your target market and learning more about the people who are buying your products or using your services, you can tailor your advertising and marketing strategies to those who will help your business. 

If you are experiencing low survey response rates, then you need to increase the craftiness of your surveys – after all, a survey response rate of higher than 50% is what is considered to be very good or excellent in most cases, click here to learn more about it. If you are getting high survey response rates of over 50%, you’re doing just fine! However, if your survey response rates are falling below the 30% mark, then you need to follow these best practices:

  • Remind your customers to fill out the survey. If you send a survey via email or text message, people may open the message and think that they will get to it later. In most of these cases, they will forget, and it will go incomplete. Send a quick reminder via text message to encourage your clients to fill out a 5-minute survey!
  • Offer deals and perks for completing the survey. If you find nobody is finishing the survey because they are not getting anything in return, you can offer prices, deals, and discounts for the customer who fills out a survey.
  • Market to a specific audience. If you are only distributing your surveys to those who you know are buying your products, you could be missing a huge niche of your audience. Send your survey to thousands more people to increase your survey and response rates.
  • Make the survey easy to answer. If you are sending your potential customers open-ended questions and expecting them to write out long paragraphs, you’re going to deter people from answering. Make the questions easy, bubble questions, or fill in the blank.
  • Keep it short – long surveys are much less likely to be answered. Keep your survey less than 10 questions long to increase your survey response rates! 


Are you distributing surveys and not getting the results you want? Use these best practices to boost your survey response rates and learn more about your ideal target market so you can tailor your marketing strategies, connect with your ideal customer, and build a consumer profile! 

Kishan Rana

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