Best Islands to Travel in summer

For a few weeks we have not stopped talking about the best places to travel in summer and this time it will not be less. Today we talk about the best islands to travel in summer. The number of islands in the world is uncountable. Year after year scientists discover, thanks to satellites, new islands. Paradise islands away or not from civilization that are an unparalleled experience when visiting them. Do you want to know our recommendations?

Best islands to travel in summer

Brac (Croatia)

The first of the islands is the closest of our list of best islands to travel in summer. In front of one of the best known cities of the Dalmatian coast, Split, is the island of Brac. An island considered together with Hvar and Korcula as one of the best in Croatia. Here you can find the best beach in Croatia. The well-known Zlatni Beach (Golden Horn).

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

We have already talked about the Galapagos on other occasions and we are fascinated by these islands. Almost virgin islands that in which 97% of its surface is declared a national park. Located more than 1000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, access to the islands has a cost. Not economical but a restriction on the number of visitors. The maximum number of visitors per year is 110,000. So if you want to be one of the travelers who step on the islands that inspired Darwin hurry up.

Nosy be Island (Madagascar)

In front of the coast of Mozambique and northwest of Madagascar, Nosy Be Island is located, an island that constitutes the island’s first tourist destination. And also the paradise for lovers of sailing, fishing and diving. Wild nature, spectacular beaches and sugar cane and vanilla crops are all located on this beautiful island.

Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

French Polynesia is one of those places that anyone would like to escape at least for a while. At least, some member of the Evaneos team would love it. It is always a good time to go but if there is a special and magical place that is Bora Bora, the perfect island. This is the next best island to travel in summer. A volcano, a lagoon of blue and green waters and surrounded by coral reefs is a simple definition of the island but there is much more. A place to dream and forget about any worries. Here the problems do not exist.  A day trip is worth it. 

Republic of Palau (Philippines) 

Unknown to the general public, largely motivated by its remoteness from the mainland, these islands belonging to the Philippines, are one of the best islands to travel in summer. Unless you’re looking for big buzz. Its crystal clear waters and wild nature make it one of the best places to rest and get to know yourself or your travel companion. And if year after year you are looking for new places to dive, this is one of the 5 best in the world.

Zanzibar Island (Tanzania)

36 kilometers off the coast of Tanzania is a well-known island for the thousands of Europeans who every summer approaches her to get away from the tumult of the European pace of life. Most of them, travelers who after about 10 days touring in all terrain the national parks of Kenya and Tanzania after doing a safari decide to choose to rest the last days of vacation. And it is the best option. Sun, beach, water sports and equatorial climate. What more could you want?

Zakynthos (Greece)

Everyone knows that Greece is one of the countries with the most beautiful islands in Europe. Zakynthos, also known as Zante, has more than 100 millimeters of coastline. Characterized by a mountainous terrain and green plains this island combines tranquility and a cosmopolitan tourist environment. In addition, its cuisine is exquisite if you like the Mediterranean diet and feta cheese, of course. In addition, in one of its many beaches is a stranded ship and that is a tourist attraction.

Maldives Islands

What to say about the most famous paradise islands in the world! Luxury cabins and white sand beaches are the first images that come to mind when we think of the Maldives but these islands offer much more. If you want to discover it, we invite you to feel like the protagonist of ‘Naufrago’ but with a return ticket.

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