Best Gadgets that every Start-Up Streamer Needs to know abut

In the modern world, there are plenty of technological trends that have taken the world by storm. One popular activity nowadays is video game streaming which is when people broadcast themselves playing games to a live audience online. As streaming is now more popular than ever, it is worth exploring the key gadgets that every start-up streamer needs.

Video cameras

Firstly, streaming has become such a craze because there is such a huge array of game genres available to stream such as broadcasting poker hands or even discussions about trending news. To do this, however, it is important to have a proper setup. One piece of equipment needed for a professional live stream is a video camera as streamers will require a high-quality camera to capture their content. Nowadays, there is a huge array of cameras to choose from that suit your budget and that have a range of different features.

If you are just starting in the world of streaming, it is a good idea to opt for an entry-level video camera as they are straightforward to use. They also tend not to be overpriced but can still give you high-quality video content. One example would be the Panasonic HC-VX981K which is extremely lightweight and affordable. Of course, many live streamers can’t afford cameras but still build a successful streaming career from their smartphone. As smartphones have such high-quality cameras and graphics at the moment, many people don’t even have to buy a camera.

Of course, for those people who have been streaming for a long time, it is a good idea to buy a high-quality professional video camera. Ideally, when a streamer has built up a successful career and solidified their reputation on a platform, they will need to get a camera that has extremely high-quality images. One example would be the Canon EOS R3 which allows streamers to have more control over the quality of their broadcast and can be important in drawing more people into their stream.


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Furthermore, the audio element of streaming is just as important as the visual aspect.  Any streamer who wants to be successful in the field will need to have crisp audio that is clear to their audience. In this case, streamers should buy microphones that successfully drown out background noise and project their voice to the audience.

For example, the Wave:3 is a good option as this mic plugs into a PC via USB and delivers high-quality audio in a sleek black package. This microphone is made to shut out background noise and tune into one speaker at a time. The setup of this microphone is also incredibly easy and a convenient mute button means that you can have complete control over cutting off your audio. This can be paired with a good quality headset which should allow you to hear what is going on clearly.


Moreover, it is also important to note that good lighting is an essential part of a professional-looking stream. Not only can good lighting build up a good relationship with your audience as they can get a crisp image of you, but you will also feel more confident that they are seeing you in a flattering light.

Nowadays, there are so many options when it comes to lighting as you can choose from different types of lighting shades. If you are paying attention to lighting, it also could be worth getting a green screen to project different backgrounds to your audience.

Gaming chair

You also need to pay attention to the actual setting that you are streaming from. If you are streaming for hours on end, you must get a comfortable gaming chair with appropriate back support / lumbar support. Not only can this assist with your posture, but it also contributes to the overall feel of the live stream. No one wants to watch someone on screen who is shifting uncomfortably in their chair, so purchasing a solid gaming chair also makes the audience feel at ease.


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Streaming software

It is also worth mentioning that any person new to streaming will need to look into live-streaming software. The benefit of purchasing these is that they help you to produce professional-looking live streams without having much experience in the sector. This can also help save a lot of time as you can focus more on the content of the live stream rather than trying to manually set everything up without help.

Overall, there are several key gadgets and equipment that every streamer needs when constructing their first streaming set-up. Remember that if you are considering streaming, take your time to research the equipment you need beforehand so that you’re not making a snap decision. 

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