What Is The Best Brand Of Men’s Basketball Shoes?

What is the best brand of mens basketball shoes? With the presence of many great brands, it would be hard to pick just one. So what follows is a short list of what many people consider as the best brands of men’s basketball shoes in the world.


Nike is hands down the most popular brand of basketball shoes in the world. If you will ask some random kid what brand of basketball shoe they want, they will most probably say a Nike. Nike became popular because they make quality shoes. But what really made the brand a household name are their celebrity athlete endorsers. Michael Jordan put them on the map. But now basketball stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving are keeping the brand relevant. Of course, Nike’s quality is excellent too. Otherwise, those tops athletes won’t be using them. And they are still one of the most innovative companies in the industry.


When it comes to star power, Adidas is second only to Nike. Currently, they have James Harden and Damian Lillard as endorsers. These two are very good basketball players and they are doing a good job promoting the Adidas brand. Street cred is another thing that Adidas has going for them and they are probably ahead of Nike in this regard. Fashionistas also seem to prefer Adidas over other brands. In terms of performance, it’s really hard to find faults with an Adidas shoe. They are very durable too and will last you more than just a few pickup games.


Reebok was big during the 90s. It seems that every kid back then wants a pair from the British shoemaker. A big boost to the brand are endorsements from NBA stars Shaquille ONeal and Shawn Kemp. They were one of the more innovative brands in the 90s too. Remember the Pump? Now, the brand has fallen behind other brands in terms of popularity but it is still relevant. It seems that the brand is now focusing on its CrossFit line. But they are still making quality basketball shoes. So if you’re tired of all the Nikes and Adidas sneakers you’re seeing, then you can pick up a pair of Reeboks.

Under Armour

One of the smartest things that Under Armor has ever done was to sign Stephen Curry as an endorser. It’s probably one of the smartest things a sports company has ever done. The company believed in Curry even before he won championships and became a superstar. And it paid off well for them. Now, Under Armour basketball shoes are as recognizable as Nike or Adidas. Wearing a pair of Under Armour basketball shoes may not instantly improve your shooting, but it can definitely improve your game with its technological advancements.


ANTA is a Chinese brand that is quickly making a name in the basketball world. And they’ve also started to sign basketball stars as endorsers. Lakers guard and two-time champion Rajon Rondo and Warriors’ shooter Klay Thompson both sport ANTA shoes. The future looks bright for this Chinese brand.

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