Best Apps For Amazon Firestick

Find here the list of Best Apps For Amazon Firestick

Amazon revolutionized the TV entertainment industry when they launched their Amazon firestick. Even though right now it is underrated many people are moving towards it rather than normal cable TV because of the wide range of choices and cost efficiency. 

The best thing about Firestick TV and Firestick cube is that you can download several applications similar to mobile phone or a laptop. There are literally many applications available for this and as number of developers increase more apps are on the way. These amazing Firestick apps provide us a wide range content from which we can choose. The problem here is that there are several apps which are unnecessary. We don’t want you to go through all of that trouble just for installing apps in your Firestick TV or Firestick cube, which is we are here to help.

Best Apps For Amazon Firestick

These are some of the best Firestick apps which you must download


Be it anything, a mobile or a laptop or even a Firestick, a VPN is always recommended. It protects your data at all costs even when you use open networks which makes your data incredibly secure. At this digital age, especially when you are using devices like Firestick, it is important to safeguard your data, but a VPN is not just for that. You can access content which are actually not available in your country using a VPN which gives you furthermore choices. It is a wise choice to go for ExpressVPN as their service is excellent.

BBC iPlayer

If you are in United Kingdom then you are in for a jackpot as this is probably the best streaming service which you can come across for free, for your Firestick. As the name suggests, this application is developed by BBC which means you will access to all movies, TV shows, documentaries, News and other broadcasts which are provided by BBC. There is wide range of content available as BBC itself is a popular TV network. The only drawback is that it is available only UK, which you can access with the help of a VPN.


It would be a crime if I do not include Netflix because it is one of the best apps for your Firestick TV and Firestick cube. If you say the word entertainment the first word that pops up in our minds will be Netflix because that’s how much they have established themselves. Why should you get it for your Firestick? Watching movies and TV shows gives you a completely different experience which is why we recommend. Although it is a paid service, the amount of content that you get is completely worth it. 

Titanium TV

Titanium TV is one of the best free streaming services that you can get. If you are familiar with the famous app Terrarium TV then this must be easy for you to use as this is exactly like that. It offers wide range of content similar to many premium streaming services, all for free of cost and anytime accessible. The app has amazing links where you can stream everything at HD quality. Titanium TV is compatible with Firestick, Firestick TV and Firestick cube.

Cyberflix TV

Terrarium TV is not really available everywhere and has been shut down in numerous countries which gave opportunities to many other similar free torrenting streaming apps. Cyberflix TV looks and feels exactly like Terrarium TV from the functions to the interface. It has wide range of content similar to Terrarium TV and the best thing is even some links are from sites and sources similar to Terrarium TV making it much more accessible. You can easily sort the content by genre, year and many other filter which you can add to your watchlist too making it comfortable to use.

Morph TV

Morph TV is the clone brother of Morpheus TV which went down some time ago. The good thing is that Morph TV has been gaining reputation recently and lives up to the previous version Morpheus TV. Morph TV has a great library which receives constant updates and software updates too. Even now you can install the infamous Morpheus TV but there are no more content updates or software updates. You have to use only the existing library compared to the Morph TV with regular updates. They are constantly working on the software and interface making them easy to use. You can install it in Firestick, Firestick TV and Firestick cube.


Spotify is the first and best choice for all music lovers. Even though Amazon has its own music service it is not as remarkable as Spotify, thanks to its incredible algorithm which suggests you numerous songs based on your listening. You can use one Spotify account to stream music in various devices. There are both free and paid versions of this. Free version contains ads and paid version is ad free and has offline download. 


It is obvious that Amazon Firestick is the future when it comes to TV. Cable networks are constantly failing to provide the service that consumers need and Firestick actually fulfills it. Whether you are about to purchase it or you have already purchased, our list will be helpful. There are numerous apps for Firestick and much more are about to come. Carefully select the apps that you need. We have listed some of the best apps which can be useful for almost everyone. Still before installing an app please do check the reviews just to be safe.

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