Benefits of studying logistics degree in Singapore

Have you ever wondered how products and services move all over the globe and the techniques that are used to bring you the parcel that may have been sourced in a different country altogether? Well, the short answer to this is supply chain management and logistics.

Opting for a degree in logistics from Singapore will not only allow you to get a deeper understanding of how multinational corporations supply global services, but also how a consignment of goods makes its way from one country to another. Singapore has well-curated undergraduate logistics programmes that can equip you with a diverse array of skills such as engineering, communication, management and data science to enable you to advance in your career like never before!

If you want to establish your career in the supply chain management and logistics sector then studying for a full-time degree in Singapore is the best route to land interesting career paths. Let’s take a look at the top advantages of studying for a logistics degree in Singapore.

What will you study as part of your supply chain management undergraduate degree?

Degrees in supply chain management offered in Singapore will help you focus on specific areas of business and logistics that are vital for modern-day business rules. Let’s take a look at the common industry-friendly subjects that are integrated into undergraduate logistics degrees in Singapore:

  • Business intelligence
  • Project management
  • Operations strategy
  • Mobile commerce
  • International law
  • Leadership and ethics
  • Risk management
  • Systems management
  • Business operations
  • Economics
  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Marketing
  • Advanced accounting
  • Process management
  • Finance and risk management
  • Global logistics
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Business forecasting
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Business strategy

Singaporean logistics degrees not only prepare you for upcoming interviews at multinational organisations but also ensures that the module structure is in tune with your higher education study aspirations.


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What are some of the lucrative career prospects of studying for a logistics degree in Singapore?

You’ll be pleased to know that graduating with a logistics bachelor’s degree can help you impress employers on an international scale with your advanced skill sets and proficiency in online retail. Following are some of the most critical professional areas that you must aim to land a job in, as a logistics graduate student in Singapore:

  • Distribution management
  • Import/export specialist
  • Inventory management
  • Transportation logistics
  • Data analytics
  • Logistics management
  • Network design
  • Warehouse management and design
  • Supply chain design

The primary benefit of studying logistics in your bachelor’s is the diversity of specialization that academic discipline helps you to become an expert at. This not only reduces the chances of getting bored of treading on a monotonous professional journey but also enhances your employability multi-fold.

Undergraduate courses in logistics and supply chain management taught in Singapore also allow you to take up internships or work placements as part of your curriculum. This is sure to offer you better ideas if a certain type of job role suits you better than the others.

Reach out to our student counsellors to obtain personal advice regarding the application process and let us help you conduct a thorough research about study abroad opportunities in Singapore.

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