Being a remote worker: what is important to consider  

Remote working has become extremely common, especially due to the implications of the global pandemic. With work-from-home schemes being put into place and advised by the government, a large majority of organisations have been able to acknowledge that remote working is possible, efficient, and economical, which is something that they may have not believed in the past. Remote working offers several benefits to the employee, and the opportunity to work from home reduces travel stress and increases more time and freedom through working within your own environment. The idea of working from home sounds highly favourable however when it comes down to it, there can be several drawbacks. Here we will discuss what is important to consider as a remote worker to ensure that your work routine is carried out as smoothly, comfortably, and as accurately as possible.  

An appropriate work environment  

The original office offers several aspects that help contribute positively and effectively to your working day. To ensure that your remote working output matches your original office output, you may benefit from creating the same or a similar environment to what you are used to working in. For example, remote working from a setting such as your bed or bedroom may not always motivate you to work to your best potential as this space is usually used for relaxation. A structured home office space is usually your best bet. Whether you have a separate room to dedicate to your home office space or even an area of an already established room, a separate surface that is used only for working is beneficial to establish. A spare room that can be renovated into your own personal home office is the perfect escape from the reality of home life. Try to incorporate a large desk, a comfortable chair, plants, filing cabinets, and even additional electronic devices into the space. For example, smart speakers and/or a smart TV will make the space feel less lonely, however, as a TV can be a particularly large and dominating device, ensure that it is wall mounted to utilise space. Click here for TV wall mounting services.  

Plan ahead with a schedule or planner  

It can be easy to become distracted whilst being a remote worker, especially as there are likely to be more distractions at home than in the original office. Productivity reduction can be extremely apparent due to these distractions so therefore we would ensure planning out your day through checklists and timelines to ensure that you are keeping up to date with tasks and projects. Alongside work deadlines and checklists, ensure that you include breaks within your daily plan or schedule. It can be common to get lost within your computer or laptop and become dedicated to completing the task at hand however, ensure not to overwork yourself! Breaks are mandatory within the original office therefore, ensure that you incorporate them into your remote working routine, or your workload may drive you insane.  

Switch up locations  

Some employees can actually find remote working extremely boring and demotivating, and the idea of spending the full working day on their laptop within their own company can be daunting. However, remote working for some individuals cannot always be avoided and their employer would much rather prefer them to be out with the office. This is not usually down to personal reasons, however, is likely to be down to restrictions and other employees’ situations within the establishment. If moving from your bed to a desk in your bedroom is becoming way too repetitive and discouraging each morning, try to switch up your location as this can be refreshing to your headspace. Simply heading to the library or a coffee shop will provide you with a new working space for the day and give you a break from the home that you spend probably about 99% of your day within. 

Use remote working to your advantage  

Although, as explained, remote working may not be for everyone, sometimes it is inevitable. Therefore, use it to your advantage. Use breaks to prepare nutritious home-cooked meals that you would not be able to cook within a regular office environment, or even use them to go long walks around the neighborhood or town, which again, may not be possible within the regular office. Alongside this, you will never miss a delivery or visit from friends or family due to your presence within the home at all times. Finally, let’s not forget about the biggest benefit, the reduction of travel and travel time. This can be highly advantageous, especially if your office is further away or your commute route with public transport is lengthy. Therefore, remote workers, next time you decide to dwell on the aspect of another day working within your home environment, consider all of these benefits and use them to your advantage throughout your working day routine!

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