10 basic style tips to look classy and fashionable

Are you heading into 2019 with the hope that this year you are going to look your best? Today we are going to share some of our best style tips. These tips will teach you everything from holding onto old clothes to investing in pieces that flatter your body.

The key is to understand that looking fashionable doesn’t have to do anything with expensive clothes. As long as you wear something trendy and master a few styling tips- you are good to go. Sometimes something as simple as tucking in your shirt or throwing on a scarf can make you look classy.

So, keep reading to learn some essential wardrobe resolutions every woman should undertake in 2019. These will help you to save money,and you willlook like the best version of yourself:

1- Choose timeless fabrics

Choose from four basic fabrics: cotton, wool, linen,and silk. Anything made out of these materials will last you a decade if you care for them properly. All you need to do is wash and iron them,and these fabrics will give off a classy look on their own.

Another reason why you should go for classic materials is that they give you a chance to expand your wardrobe and try various looks. For example, denim is a cotton fabric that compliments all types of looks- from boho to minimalist. Similarly chino pants work exceptionally well with blazers,and even real leather jackets for womengo well in all seasons.

Then there is wool. A cashmere sweater feels heavenly against the skin and goes well with tailored pants and skirts.

Just a word of caution with these fabrics: Always read the labels and care for them accordingly. Most of the wool, linen,and silk pieces have to be dry-cleaned. Don’t chuck them in the washing machine or you will end up with a kid-sized cardigan!

2- Choose the correct size

Most of us are guilty of holding on to items that don’t fit anymore. Or we end up buying something in size too small as an incentive to lose those extra pounds. However, holding on to these pieces is one of the worst things you can do in caseyou are aiming for a versatile and functional wardrobe. So, if you are planning to buy something that’s not your size be totally honest with yourself and let it go.

3- Invest in the right handbag

Style experts recommend investing in a few quality handbags. Choose a classic design that can work well for both looks, the office and for weekend plans. A structured bag with a top handle looks classy for the office. And a cross-body bag looks casual yet stylish for a dinner date or an outing with friends. Once you’ve bought your dream bag, take good care of it. Use an unscented body lotion on leather ones and glass cleaning spray on patent leather bags. Remember, a bag says a lot about your personality, so choose one carefully.

4- Buy statement jackets

If you want to spruce an outfit, add a fabulous jacket to it. You can simply toss a pair of pants and a shirt and top it off with a statement jacket. Choose from the classic belted trench style, distressed denim jacket or a blackleather jacket- there is no way you can go wrong with this look!

You can even wear your jacket as a cape. Just wear it over your shoulders and leave the sleeves hanging on the sides. You’ll look cooler instantly.

5- Avoid going on extravagant shopping sprees

When you go on a huge shopping spree, you often end up choosing trend-led items. Unfortunately, these pieces are not versatile,and soon you’ll find yourself in a fix. This is why keep a sharp eye for things that you will wear all-year round and only buy the things you love. Carryan analysis of your wardrobe from time to time and choose things that you actually need.

Think of your wardrobe upgrade as a constantly evolving process, rather than choosing to start from scratch after every few months. Allow yourself to buy one nice outfit every month, rather than two huge mid-yearly shopping sprees. Following this routine will eventually lead to a much more stylish wardrobe.

6- Add a statement Chanel piece

You can’t expect your style game to achieve great heights unless you invest in those little interlocking Cs. Adding a Chanel piece to your outfit can make you win those brownie points. It can be a Chanel bangle, sunglasses or a clutch. After all, Chanel is downright the most iconic fashion label in history.

So, if your budget gives permission, try to get your hands on a Chanel piece rather than any other brand because it will stay stylish even after decades.

7- Explore new brands

Another reason why you always look the same is that you are attached to a certain brand. You can instantly uplift your style factor by experimenting with some new brands. Step out of your comfort zone and look for affordable mid-range brands. We guarantee you that you will end up with some stylish finds that will be truly unique.

8- Don’t forget to accessorize

Fashion is all about making a personal statement and putting forth a well-defined look. And the right accessories can help you achieve just that. A hat, a pair of stylish sunnies and some jewelry will instantly add jazz to your overall look. It’ll make you look like you’ve put some effort while getting ready.

9- Wear minimal makeup

Makeup is a lot of fun, but if you want to look classy then stick with the ‘less is more’ rule. You might be tempted to throw some blue or purple eye shadow on your lid, but stick to neutral colors if you want to look classier. Neutral shades are in the rage nowadays. One of the biggest trends in makeup is the nude lipstick. Choose a lipstick that doesn’t wash you out. It should rather compliment your skin tone and pull together any makeup look.

Another easy way to exude class through your makeup is to go for a nice and crisp winged eyeliner and some natural looking lashes. Don’t go overboard with blush and lipstick. Remember, focus on one feature such as your eyes or your lips and keep the rest of your face natural.

These makeup tips will not only make you look more sophisticated but will also help you appear youthful and fresh.

10- Bonus tip: Know your personal style

Every person has their own personal style,and all it takes is some identification from your end. Once you are familiar with yourself and your taste, be confident to reflect it in your personal interests, fashion,and lifestyle.

For example, if you prefer a casual and minimal look, then focus on color palettes and clothing options that compliment your choice.

Do you think you have the arsenal to be classy and fashionable? Share some of your best fashion secrets with us in the comments below

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