How to Appeal to a Broader Market as a Chain Business

If your company has a wide-ranging customer base, you may need help to reach all your customers. You might need help to appease a broader demographic, and in the process, you may deviate from the main objective of getting quality clients.

For the above reason, it’s imperative to personalize your marketing to reach customers in different demographic areas effectively. While it may sound daunting, especially if you wish to achieve quality local marketing, using suitable approaches can still succeed in the local market.

This article will give you tips and valuable insight on how to market your brand globally and to a broader audience. The article will also point out what you need to do to stand out against the competition even as you strive to reach a broader client base.

Research the Communities you Want to Serve

Running a business can be extremely rewarding. However, it can be equally challenging, especially if you need help understanding people around you. Understanding the community around you can foster strong business relationships and equip you with the tools to face any business challenge confidently.

Communities tend to have common threads like things they care about, something they come together to support, or shared concerns. Therefore, it is crucial to research a community you intend to serve to determine what matters the most to them.

Find a Unifying Purpose

As earlier pointed out, understanding the tenets of your target community can help you appeal to a larger group by simply showing support for issues that make that particular community unique. However, that’s not enough. It would help if you discovered their unifying purpose to create a more significant impact.

Purpose-driven brands always stand out against the competition. Finding a purpose that your audience can unite behind will simplify your brand’s image and connect you to a wide-ranging customer base. For organizations that want to explore franchise marketing , you can offer tips on finding unifying motivations and interests through newsletters and articles. Vouching for noble causes like saving the environment can significantly impact and propel your brand ahead of your competitors.

Localize Your SEO Efforts

Localizing SEO efforts is an excellent way to increase your website traffic through organic searches in the target language. If your potential customers are still looking for you in the Google search results, you might lose them to the competition.

SEO is all about keywords. To make the best out of SEO when targeting local customers, ensure that you use local terminologies to make your products and services related to your audience. While creating generic content is still great, geo-specific content through landing pages can help increase brand awareness through organic means.

Proper choice of local keywords can help your website rank higher on local search engine results and ultimately increase the number of visitors. A localized SEO strategy can bring profitable conversions, build credibility, and foster growth.

Try Geotargeted Paid Ads

Geotargeted ads deliver advertising content within a well-defined geographic boundary to clients who meet specific criteria. Apart from targeting customers within a defined radius, Geotargeted paid ads also allow you to hone in on customers based on their demographics and behavior.

Geotargeting is an excellent strategy to test the local market on Facebook and Google. Using local languages, Geotargeting ensures that you capture the local interest. To achieve success with Geotargeting, your creative team should feature videos and images that speak directly to the local audience.

Combine Acquisition Email With Ad Retargeting

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. You’ll realize that most of your clients prefer receiving promotional information through emails, making it a great strategy to zero in on local markets.

Google retargeting ads in Mailchimp are an excellent way of supplementing an email marketing strategy, especially if you are targeting email subscribers instead of website visitors. You can use ad retargeting to grab the attention of people who visit your website when you wish to provide a tailored promotion or when you feel people have abandoned your shopping cart.

How to Increase Your Market Share

Market share is a crucial metric as it is an essential indicator of business success and profitability. Market share affects operations, pricing of products and services, and stock market performance. To increase your market share, you need to understand your audience, what it wants, and how you can deliver it.

Establish your brand’s credibility for people to know what you stand for and explain in detail how your products and services can better your customers’ lives. You can also increase your market share by highlighting the advantages of your company and sending out a personal, focused, and meaningful message to your customers.

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