5 Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

We live in an age where self-development and getting to know oneself has become the norm. For a long time, people were encouraged to focus a lot on friends and family, always put them first, and that being alone was the worst thing for one’s mental and emotional health. That’s not to say we should neglect our friends and family, but contrary to popular belief, alone time is crucial to our growth. What’s more, a growing number of the population indulges in a solo trip of self-discovery every once in a while. And believe it or not, some destinations are more favoured than others, depending on what you want from your travels. So here are our top picks for solo travellers.


If you want magic

Then Colmar, France is the perfect place for you. This cosy, mid-sized town has a rich history that spans several hundred years. In short, it looks almost exactly like the town from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, and it’s colourful, country-like facades just add to the fairytale aesthetics. It’s difficult to get lost and feel lonely, as it’s essentially traffic-free, so there are people in the streets all throughout the day. You can enjoy the soothing boat ride down the town’s canal, or stroll through the streets and marvel the fairy tale – like architecture. Quaint little cafes and decorated shop fronts only add to the adorable sense of magic and wonder of Colmar.

If you want peace and quiet

Bay of Islands at the north coast of New Zealand offers everything one could ever want from a meditative, calming solo experience. Not only is the destination isolated enough that the most common way to get there is via a 45-minute plane trip, but it also offers numerous naturals splendours to visit and take in. The archipelago is littered with reefs where you can swim with the dolphins, and explore several historic shipwrecks. With its turquoise water, breathtaking panoramas and soothing warm air, you’re in for a meditative treat.

If you want an adventure

For those who consider themselves the typical “outdoorsy” types: rock climbers, mountaineers, or hikers, Bishop in California, USA, has whatever you need to fulfil your adventurous needs. It has over 2000 bouldering areas, some secluded, like the Pollen Grains, and others that are a little more popular, like the Buttermilk, depending on how much alone time you want. However, it’s far from an isolated Californian prairie. The town of Bishop is a small, welcoming community where you can take a break from your exploration. There are camping spots also, for those who prefer sleeping under the starry skies of California.


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If you crave a road trip

The best possible location for it would be the Australian coastal route starting from Cairns and ending in Brisbane. You can see numerous breathtaking sights along the coast of Queensland, visit the Great Barrier Reef, or the Fraser Island. This two-week-long drive is bound to turn your life around. It’s important to point out that long drives can be a bigger risk if you don’t have a second pair of eyes in the passenger seat. People at NSW Compensation Lawyers advise great care during the drive, as long roads can be fairly unpredictable, especially in the Australian heat.Should worse come to worst, don`t hesitate to contact them and protect your rights.

If you want to let go

Last, but not least, we haven’t forgotten about you extroverts. For those who simply love meeting new people and immersing themselves in new cultures, free of being bound to a companion’s schedule, we have the perfect destination, too. Tokyo, Japan is the cultural hive. Not only does it have historical value, but it also boasts a nightlife to boot. As a solo traveller, you’ll be able to immerse yourself into the customs and the fast pace of life Tokyo has to offer. Not to mention that the number of hospitable people is always o the rise, and their tourist spots are full of welcoming and smiling hosts.

In the end

Travelling solo has so much great value to offer, everyone should try it every once in a while. Not abiding by someone else’s schedule, mood or needs for an entire trip will allow you to pamper your own curiosity. You’ll be able to set your own tempo and see where the road takes you. With that, who knows what new things you might find out about yourself? Travelling solo is an amazing way to push your boundaries, to recover, regroup, and re-evaluate what’s important in your life.

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