10 Ideas About Credit Card Boxes

People are conscious of keeping their belongings in a secure and stylish way. In today’s world, many people prefer to use credit cards instead of carrying cash with them. If you want to prevent your credit card from falling out of a wallet or being stolen by a pickpocket, credit card boxes are a great way to keep your credit cards safe. If you are tired of those traditional boxes, it’s the time to change. Custom packaging allows you to be more innovative in design. Various manufacturers are there which provide you with stunning and beautifully printed custom credit card boxes according to your requirements. Below are some of the captivating ideas about credit card boxes which inspire everyone:


  1. Be Innovative in Colors

Fascinating colors attract everyone. If you want to give an enticing look to your credit card boxes, tryto be innovative with colors. Normally blue, black and brown colors are used to design custom credit card boxes. Introducing some fascinating colors like red and yellow give an eye-catching look to the customers. Especially women are attracted towards such flashy colors with artistic designs. They are perfect to use as credit card gift boxes.


  1. Introduce Transparency

Another interesting idea is to introduce transparent windows on the inside of the box. This makes the customers have a look of the credit cards. This makes it easy for them to get bank name, account number and other related details without dragging out the card. It gives a bold appeal to the users and provides extra protection to the credit cards inside.


  1. Make a Booklet

There are a number of options of design with respect to cardboard boxes. Designing them in the shape of the booklet is a unique and proficient idea. Experts have worked on a number of options to create such fascinating packaging. This design is commonly used by various financial institutions and large business entrepreneurs for their credit cards arrangement. It helps you to store the cards individually one after the other on separate pages of the booklet.


  1. Magnetic Credit Card Box

Introducing something innovative always fascinates the customers. This high-end magnetic credit card box is designed in matte black color. The box is large in size to accommodate as many credit cards as you like. A special magnetic feature is introduced in the box. This keeps your credit cards in place and reduces the chance of falling them off the box. Even if the box falls accidentally, it will prevent the credit card from spreading all around.


  1. Sleeve Packaging

This is a highly luxurious style to keep your credit cards safe. As compared to traditional shaped box, sleeve packaging design is a more unique option. The internal box serves as a credit card box holder which can carry a number of credit cards in it. A ribbon is attached on one side of the box to pull it out. The packaging is designed from fine and high-quality material to give an inspiring look.


  1. Keep it Natural

Sometimes the simplest things attract the most. Creating a natural Kraft color packaging may inspire a number of customers. It provides a decent way to keep your credit cards safe. They are designed from 100% eco-friendly material. Such boxes are readily available in market at cheap rates. Choose the one which can accommodate all your credit cards.


  1. Metallic Touch

Introducing a metallic touch in credit card boxes adds to its value. Now a day’s people want something innovative which shines on their desks. Manufacturers have analyzed that there is always a room for improvement. After analyzing endless options they have come up with these metalized boxes. A coating of the metallic layer along with glossy finish is applied to make them more alluring.


  1. Introduce Attractive Patterns

Instead of using a single color on your credit card boxes, there is another interesting idea. Introduce a few colors to design a pattern on the box. Extend this pattern to the lid as well. A combination of two bold colors like blue and black works well. These custom credit card boxes are unique to grasp the attention of customer at first sight.


  1. High-End Gift Box with Inserts

It is a new and luxurious style of presenting your credit cards. It comes up with a combination of red and black. The outer box looks like credit card box holder. Inner packaging contains a number of inserts to put your credit cards, business cards or other important things. Due to its glamorous look, it can be used as a credit card gift boxes for your loved ones.


  1. Do-It-Yourself

By little creativity and time, you can design a credit card box on your own. It looks fascinating and different from all other options. It can be designed according to any theme and color. Take any old box from your storeroom of a perfect size. If you do not have, cut a large size box according to the size of your credits cards. paint by numbers custom colors. Once it gets dry you can decorate it with ribbons or beads. Another option is too small letters and colors them with silver showing that the box is designed to hold credit cards.

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