7 Things That Can Severely Damage Your Garage Door

Your garage is an excellent extension to your house, where you can put your private vehicle, or use it as storage if you do not own a car.

If you have a garage, you will realize how valuable it is and how often you use it. Your garage has a specialized door and can be used as the first line of security for your garage. This door is used more than often and if you do not provide proper care and maintenance, there is a risk of damaging it.

In most cases when a garage door is damaged it is best to rely on an expert for repair

Types of Garage door

Garage doors have a motor or an electrical system that opens and closes the door. There are different types of garage doors such as single panel doors, sectional doors, and rollers doors.

Single panel doors are made in a single monolithic panel. When the door is to be opened, the door swings up with a hinge by a jamb type hardware.

Sectional doors are somewhat like single panel doors in terms of function, the only difference is they have three to eight panels.

Roller panels are a bit different. They have a roller attached to the top of the door that pulls the door up. Remember how you pull up the curtains on your window by pulling a string? This uses the same mechanic.

But mostly all the doors are made with Aluminum, as they are cheap and easy to maintain. If you want to spend a few more dollars for an attractive door, try aesthetic wooden garage doors, but remember that they require a lot of maintenance.

Steel doors are not only sturdy and durable but can also act as a good security barricade.

Things That Damage Your Garage Door

As your garage door becomes old it becomes more prone to malfunction and breakdowns.

Because the door has many different moving parts, it is important to provide proper maintenance. Especially, for electric garage doors.

These work with motors and cables that need maintenance. If anything goes wrong it is best to rely on experts with knowledge about electric garage door repairs.

Here are the 7 most common elements that can damage your garage door-

1. Damaged Springs

There’s no getting around this problem — damaged torsion springs. They can break because of its utilization capacity — the more stress you put on the garage door, the sooner it can get damaged.

The sound of a spring breaking is quite menacing, not to forget the fact that the gate may come crashing down and cause extra disasters. Likewise, springs that have been used for a long time become powerless against corrosion and rust.

2. Cracked Cable

The door cables help lift the door and bring it down to the ground with the help of a motor or electric power. It is also responsible for holding your door in the open position. The cables require a lot of strength to operate.

These, just like the door springs, can break or get damaged after a lot of open and close cycles.

If they are made of metal, they will probably face rust and weaken, causing them to snap.

You can notice if there are any problems by simply checking the connection lines and by listening closely to squeaky noises.

3. Technical Problems

The garage door may look simple but have different working parts that require a power line.

Since there is electricity involved, short circuits and technical problems are quite common. This can even lead to fried wires, causing flame hazards and accidents.

Likely, your garage is not a vacant space. It may have other tools and lubricants, so a fire hazard is the last thing you would want in that place.

4. Sensor Problems

Sensors have become mandatory in all garage doors, and they are also affordable. It can sense when an opened door needs to be closed or when there is an object on the track line.

Sensors are most commonly damaged by water. Even solar rays with inferred can interfere with the signals of the sensor and damage it.

If the sensor is damaged the door will no longer be able to detect whether there is an object passing beneath it.

5. Unwanted Storage

A lot of us decorate our garage and it’s a fun idea when you are planning on a budget-friendly home decoration project.

But if you do not have enough space in your garage then it is best not to clutter the place.

Something could get pushed over unintentionally and prevent the sensors from receiving any infrared rays causing it not to function properly, heavy objects can get knocked down and dent the door.

6. Roller Break

This mostly applies to roller doors. The rollers help the garage entryway slide over the panel. If the rollers become worn or rusty like the other metal objects of the door, the garage may not open.

Based on the level of rust or corrosion the rollers have received it may take more time for the door to operate. Besides, you will hear a sharp screech every time it opens or closes

7. Skewed Track

After being opened and closed frequently, your garage can move strangely as the track needed to operate might become loose, causing the door to become detached from the panel.

If not taken care of, this loosening up of the tracks will worsen over time. The door will move strangely compared to how it used to and end up damaging your panel, possibly deforming its shape.

When hiring home removal experts we look for a few particular criteria. It should be the same when hiring people for garage doors or any other electrical repairs. Do a proper background check about their work, time in the industry, and legitimacy.

Final Thoughts

Constant and regular maintenance can prevent a lot of the above-mentioned problems from occurring, but there is still room for error. Over time even after proper care, your garage doors may get damaged. Look out for the reasons mentioned and do not compromise your safety.

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