Valve developed a video game that would later take the world by a storm. It is a multiplayer first shooter video game known as Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) that came into existence in 2012. CSGO can be played on various platforms such as Windows, iOS, Linux, etc.

In this game, the online player will be either a terrorist or a counter-terrorist. Depending on the team selection, the player will have to execute the work assigned to him. The game allows players to create their own servers and has different modes to suit the audience’s preferences.


The game has different account plans which the player can take into consideration. These accounts, without any doubt, help the player to be more skilled at the game, and he/she will get to enjoy added benefits. One such variation is a counter-strike: global offensive prime account.

A prime account can be obtained either by purchasing from a reliable site or by acquiring it when the player reaches level 21 of the game. Prime account users will only be matched with their fellow prime account users in the game. Prime accounts eliminate the prospect of cheaters and hackers. The threat of cheaters and hackers haunts the gaming world of players

with no CSGO Accounts. Except for this, Prime account also enables the players with benefits like weapon case, items drop souvenir items, and have access to all Community-operated servers. There are features that help the player to have their own personalized items and modes as well.


To eliminate the prospect of a bad investment, it is advised to buy the official site’s prime account. Other sites have a chance of being corrupted. Moreover, the rates that are fixed for the accounts are affordable.


CSGO Smurf Account is another form of account which will provide the players with extra leverage is smurf account or ranked account. This account is bought by already experienced players who have mastered the skill required to play the game, but they use this account to practice a new weapon. This will enable them not to lose their precious rank while trying to master a new weapon. The skilled players can even engage in a fight with the amateur ones and rise in the ranks. This will give them a way of not draining all the investments they have made in the game. The smurf account also enables the user to troll other players to provide maximum entertainment. This account also helps the players who are not quite skilled or relatively new to the game. Using a smurf account boosts the confidence of the players and will help to rise in the levels.


The smurf account can be bought by the players at affordable rates at Counter-strike’s official site: Global offensive. The links provided on the official site are safe and secure; there is no chance of getting cheated. The rates that are set for smurf account are affordable.

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