13 Mistakes to Avoid in The Room

To have a nice room or feel good, some mistakes are to be avoided! Discover our 13 tips to make this space a real cocoon.

The room is a place of serenity where it is important that you feel good. An ill-conceived room can have effects on our sleep. So to be comfortable and sleep well, discover the 13 mistakes to avoid in the room.


1 /13Several sources of light

Having a single source of light in the room is a mistake that you must not commit. In the bedroom there are several sources of light: ceiling, light garlands, bedside lamp … In this way you have dim lights to choose the optimal lighting.


2 /13Privilege the bed

In your room, the bed and bedside table is the most important. So, it must be comfortable and you must feel good about it.


3 /13Bet on comfort

The room is the room where you rest, so you have to feel good. You can choose to install a comfortable chair where you can read a book safely before going to bed.


4 /13Originality!

Your room should please you so put everything on the decoration and let your tastes speak. Choose to paint a wall of a color that you like, invest in an original carpet or in a large mirror…


5 /13Think about the curtains

You do not always think of installing curtains or blinds in your room, but they are essential. They offer strong protection that obstructs the sunlight effectively, so you can spend beautiful and long nights of sleep in your room, without the sun’s rays bothering you.


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6 /13Of the order

A bad habit that makes your room a messy place: do not tidy up. An overloaded room does not make sleeping easy so try sorting and storing to make this space a harmonious corner. To do this, choose pretty baskets and storage boxes that are not only useful but also decorative objects.


7 /13Open the dressing room

When we lie in bed, we seek rest, just like our eyes. If they dive on a poorly arranged dressing room, hangers, shoes, jackets … it distracts us and our eyes too. Privilege a large closed dressing room, a door or curtains, or a partitioned dressing room.


8 /13Store his screens

Watch computer, TV or phone screens before going to bed is not a good idea! Indeed, they may ruin your chances of falling asleep quickly. So for a good night’s sleep, it is advisable to turn everything off to sift the room at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. So leave your screens in another room for a more restful sleep.


9 /13High temperature

An all too common mistake: leave the heater in the room. During the winter, there is no need to overheat the room, it will affect your sleep. Prefer a temperature between 18 and 23 degrees to sleep well in the room. If you are cold, you can add a good duvet to stay warm in your bed.


10 /13Do not have plants

We are often told that plants prevent sleep, but it’s wrong! Indeed, the depolluting plants are ideal next to the television (if you chose to leave it in the room anyway) and some plants even help you fall asleep faster!


11 /13Choosing the wrong colors

In the bedroom, some colors are to be avoided, such as red or sun-yellow, which do not encourage rest. It is better to prefer soft colors.


12 /13Mirrors

According to the principles of Feng Shui, a mirror facing the bed would drain our energy and could cause insomnia, headaches and even nightmares.


13 /13The location of the office

The office should not be in the room but in another room. If you have no choice, place it in front of the window.

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